Learning together: national action plan on parental involvement, engagement, family learning and learning at home 2018 – 2021

Sets out a vision for parental involvement and engagement from pre-birth to age 18 and takes account of national and international evidence base and Scottish education system expertise. Provides a national vision but allows for local and community innovation and flexibility.


Improving the education and life chances of our children and young people is our defining mission.

But it is vital that we recognise that it is parents who are the primary educators of their children.

The plan sets out a vision for parental involvement and engagement for the next three years. It covers the journey that a child takes from pre-birth to age 18. It takes account of the national and international evidence base as well as policy and practice expertise across the Scottish education system. It contains 13 goals and 52 national actions. It provides a national vision but it allows for local and community innovation and flexibility. Importantly, it highlights the leadership of those who make the difference day in and day out: parents and families, teachers, headteachers, managers, practitioners and other partners.

This plan is based on the guiding aim of Getting it Right for Every Child. It is informed by the central role of the family, whatever form that may take. The theme that lies at the heart of this plan is relationships - relationships based on trust, mutual respect and collaboration.

We would like to thank the National Parent Forum of Scotland for their work in conducting an in-depth review of the impact of Scotland’s Parental Involvement Act – a review which has helped to influence this plan. We would also like to thank the national parent organisations, local authorities, parents and all of the national agencies who have collaborated in the development of this plan.

We are delighted to endorse this plan, and the activity that will be taken forward under this plan, as evidence of the commitment by both national and local government to parental involvement and engagement.

We look forward to working with a wide range of partners to deliver this plan in the coming three years.

John Swinney MSP
Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills

Councillor Stephen McCabe
CoSLA Spokesperson on Children and Young People


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