Learning together: national action plan on parental involvement, engagement, family learning and learning at home 2018 – 2021

Sets out a vision for parental involvement and engagement from pre-birth to age 18 and takes account of national and international evidence base and Scottish education system expertise. Provides a national vision but allows for local and community innovation and flexibility.



The Scottish Government and CoSLA would like to thank:

  • the National Parent Forum of Scotland ( NPFS) for the completion of the independent review of the 2006 Parental Involvement Act, published in May 2017, which helped to inform the vision, goals and actions contained in this plan.
  • the members of the national Parental Engagement Steering Group, the Scottish Parental Involvement Officer Network ( SPION), the Association of Directors of Education and the various national agencies who helped develop or contribute actions to the plan.
  • the headteachers, parents and third sector employees who provided input to the independent review of parental involvement which helped to inform this plan.


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