Scotland's recovery from COVID-19: learning

This report was developed with the Covid-19 Learning & Evaluation Oversight Group. It synthesises evidence from evaluations of Covid-19 interventions and workshops with senior leaders held over summer 2023. The findings reflect work being progressed as part of wider public service reform activity.


1. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Learning and Evaluation Oversight Group - expert reviews

2. If not now, when? - Social Renewal Advisory Board report: January 2021

3. Doing Politics Differently - The vision and recommendations of the Citizens' Assembly of Scotland

4. Towards a Robust, Resilient Wellbeing Economy for Scotland: Report of the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery

5. Christie Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services

6. New Deal with Local Government – Verity House Agreement

7. Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making

8. Addressing the needs of Scotland's migrant and minority ethnic populations under Covid-19: lessons for the future

9. A Review of Interventions, Innovation, and the Impact of Covid-19 in the Scottish Prison System within a Comparative Analytical Framework

10. Scottish Welfare Fund review: final report

11. Coronavirus (COVID-19) mitigation measures among children and young people: evidence base summary

12. Learning from person-centred approaches

13. Scotland's Asymptomatic Testing Programme: an evaluation. November 2020-June 2021

14. Innovation and Creativity in the Third Sector in response to COVID-19: A Rapid Realist Evidence Synthesis

15. Evaluation of the Near Me video consulting service in Scotland during COVID-19, 2020

16. Leave no one behind - The state of health and health inequalities in Scotland

17. National Data Strategy

18. COVID-19 Shielding Programme (Scotland) rapid evaluation

19. Youth work's role during and in recovery from Covid-19

20. Evaluation of the Wellbeing Fund Open Application Process

21. Supporting Communities Fund: evaluation

22. Evaluation of COVID-19 Business Support Measures in Scotland

23. An Evaluation of International Pandemic Recovery Strategies and Identification of Good Practice Relevant to Scotland

24. Connecting Residents in Scotland's Care Homes - Evaluation

25. Civil Justice System's Pandemic Response

26. Perinatal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland - Exploring the impact of changes in maternity services on women and staff

27. Evaluation of COVID Support in Low Income Households

28. Connecting Scotland: Phase 1 Evaluation

29. Connecting Scotland: Phase 2 Evaluation

30. The impacts of COVID-19 on people who use drugs

31. Greater access, better insight, improved outcomes: a strategy for data-driven care in the digital age

32. Digital exclusion - How well are public bodies tackling digital exclusion?

33. Review of the Small Grants Fund

34. Evaluation of telemedicine early medical abortion at home in Scotland

35. The ongoing impacts of Covid-19 in Scotland's rural and island communities

36. The evidence considered by the COVID-19 Learning and Evaluation Group focused on these sectors and further work is needed to fully understand and acknowledge the role of the commercial sector in the COVID-19 response and Covid Recovery.

37. Evaluation of Connecting Scotland: Qualitative research with key stakeholders exploring implementation and early impact

38. The evaluation noted a number of innovative projects to improve connectivity were ongoing in some of the island areas.

39. Evaluation of the COVID-19 vaccination programme (October 2022). 2020/22 report

40. COVID-19 and the Centrality of Care

41. Rural Scotland Key Facts 2021

42. Evaluation of the Extended Distress Brief Intervention Programme

43. However, analysis of the impact at an individual level or comparison between groups was not possible.

44. Coronavirus (COVID-19) support study experiences of and compliance with self-isolation: research findings

45. Scottish Government. (2021). Covid recovery strategy: For a fairer future.

46. Scottish Government. (2021). COVID-19 and Disabled People in Scotland - Health, Social and Economic Harms.

47. LockdownLowdown: phase 2

48. The Vaccination Programme: user journeys and experiences of Covid-19 and flu vaccination

49. Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact on equality considers the impacts of COVID-19 on gender.

50. This qualitative research evaluated a range of policies and support that were delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic (rather than a single policy), and how this support impacted on the finances and wellbeing of low income households.

51. Expert Reference Group on COVID-19 and Ethnicity – Initial Advice and Recommendations on Systemic Issues

52. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

53. International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

54. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women New York, 18 December 1979

55. Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities (CRPD)

56. SPICE report on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the Proposed Human Rights Bill



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