Scotland's recovery from COVID-19: learning

This report was developed with the Covid-19 Learning & Evaluation Oversight Group. It synthesises evidence from evaluations of Covid-19 interventions and workshops with senior leaders held over summer 2023. The findings reflect work being progressed as part of wider public service reform activity.

Annex C: Workshop attendees and details

  • Adam Hall - Programme Manager, Recovery and Delivery Programme, Improvement Service
  • Adam Lang - Director, Carnegie UK
  • Alan Johnston - Deputy Director, Strategic Co-ordination Unit, Scottish Government
  • Andrew Kerr - Chief Executive, Edinburgh Council
  • Andrew Watson - Director for Children and Families, Scottish Government
  • Angela O'Hagan - Reader in Equalities and Public Policy at Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Anna Fowlie - Chief Executive, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
  • Audrey MacDougall - Deputy Director of Central Analysis Division and Chief Researcher, Scottish Government
  • Calum Irving - Head of Third Sector Unit, Scottish Government
  • Dominic Munro - Director for Strategy and Head of Policy Profession, Scottish Government
  • Eann Munro - Head of Science and Evidence Unit, Scottish Government
  • Fran Warren - Principal Researcher, Office of the Chief Social Policy Adviser, Scottish Government
  • Fraser McKinlay - Chief Executive, The Promise
  • Gary Gillespie - Chief Economist, Scottish Government
  • Gavin Henderson - Deputy Director, Keeping The Promise, Scottish Government
  • Geoff Huggins - Director Digital, Scottish Government
  • Gerard Hart - Chief Executive, Disclosure Scotland
  • Graeme Wilson - Principal Researcher, Office of the Chief Social Policy Adviser, Scottish Government
  • Greg Colgan - Chief Executive, Dundee City Council
  • Iain MacNab - Head of Risk Management Policy, Scottish Government
  • Iona Colvin - Chief Social Work Adviser, Scottish Government
  • Jennie Barugh - Director of Fiscal Sustainability and Exchequer Development
  • Jenny Kemp - Engagement Team Leader, Scottish Government
  • Jonathan Cameron - Deputy Director, Digital Health and Care, Scottish Government
  • Kay Tisdall - Professor of Childhood Policy, University of Edinburgh
  • Laura Turney - Head of Public Service Reform Unit, Scottish Government
  • Lesley Fraser - Director General, Corporate, Scottish Government
  • Linda Bauld - Chief Social Policy Adviser (Scottish Government), and Professor of Public Health (University of Edinburgh)
  • Louise MacDonald - DG Communities, Scottish Government
  • Maisy Best - Senior Research, Equalities Analysis, Scottish Government
  • Mary McAllan - Director of Covid Recovery and Public Service Reform, Scottish Government
  • Mel Giarchi - Chief Operational Research Analyst, Scottish Government
  • Michael Chalmers - Director, Prevention & Reform Agenda, Scottish Government
  • Michael Kellet - Director of Population Health, Scottish Government
  • Nicholas Watson - Director of Performance and Outcomes, Scottish Government
  • Nick Ford - Director of Procurement and Property
  • Nicola Dickie - Director of People Policy and Health and Social Care, COSLA
  • Paul Johnston - Chief Executive, Public Health Scotland
  • Rachel McAdams - Economy, Poverty and Environment – Service Manager at Public Health Scotland
  • Robyn Whitelaw-Grant - Strategic Lead for Risk Control & Assurance, Scottish Government
  • Sarah Skerratt - Chief Executive, RSE
  • Scott Heald - Director of Data and Digital Innovation, Public Health Scotland
  • Simon Cameron - Chief Officer, Employers' Team at COSLA
  • Simon Mair - Deputy Director, Covid Recovery, Scottish Government
  • Steven Marwick - Director, Evaluation Support Scotland
  • Tim McDonnell - Director Primary Care, Scottish Government
  • Tom Andrews - Change Manager, Scottish Government
  • Tom Lamplugh - Head of Social Policy Unit, Scottish Government
  • Vittal Katikireddi - Professor of Public Health, University of Glasgow

Workshop themes

Workshop 1 (24/08/2023) - Collaboration and Partnership Working and Reappraising the Contributions of Sectors

Workshop 2 (28/08/2023) - Organisational Trust, Risk and Accountability and Use of Data

Workshop 3 (31/08/2023) - Digital Technology and Geography

Workshop 4 (5/9/2023) - Equality and Inclusion and Acting with Urgency



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