Scotland's recovery from COVID-19: learning

This report was developed with the Covid-19 Learning & Evaluation Oversight Group. It synthesises evidence from evaluations of Covid-19 interventions and workshops with senior leaders held over summer 2023. The findings reflect work being progressed as part of wider public service reform activity.

Annex B: Evidence reviewed

COVID-19 grant funded expert reviews

Youth Link Scotland (2023) Youth work's role in responding to and recovery from COVID-19

Glasgow Caledonian University (2023) Innovation and Creativity in the Third Sector in Response to COVID-19: A Rapid Realist Evidence Synthesis

University of Glasgow (2023) Addressing the needs of Scotland's migrant and minority ethnic population under COVID-19: Lessons for the Future

Glasgow Caledonian University (2023) COVID-19 and the Centrality of Care

Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (2023) A Review of Interventions, Innovation, and the Impact of COVID-19 in the Scottish Prison System within a Comparative Analytical Framework

University of Edinburgh (2003) An Evaluation of International Pandemic Recovery Strategies and Identification of Good Practice Relevant to Scotland

Fraser of Allander Institute (2022) Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on income: labour market changes and policy solutions

Learning from the pandemic papers

Learning from Person Centred Approaches (2023) Learning from Person-Centred Approaches – (

What do Evaluations of COVID-19 Interventions tell us about the Experiences of Disabled People? (unpublished)

Learning from Digital Approaches (unpublished)

Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland evaluation reports reviewed

Barriers to adherence with COVID-19 restrictions: Findings from qualitative research with individuals in Scotland (January 2021),

Civil Justice System's Pandemic Response (August 2023), Supporting documents - Civil justice system - pandemic response: research findings - (

Connecting Scotland: phase 1 evaluation (May, 2022)

Connecting Scotland: phase 2 evaluation (November 2022), Connecting Scotland: phase 2 evaluation – (

Connecting Scotland evaluation: qualitative research – implementation and early impact, (February 2022),

Coronavirus (COVID-19) asymptomatic testing programme: evaluation – November 2020 to June 2021 (December, 2021)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and flu vaccination programme: user journeys and experiences (June 2022), Supporting documents – Coronavirus (COVID-19) and flu vaccination programme: user journeys and experiences – (

COVID-19 Mitigation Measures Among Children and Young People (July, 2021)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) support study experiences of and compliance with self-isolation: research findings (August 2021),

COVID-19 vaccination programme (October 2022), Public Health Scotland

Evaluation of the 'Connecting Residents in Scotland's Care Homes' Programme (July 2022), CRSCH%20Evaluation%20Report%20_FINAL.pdf">CRSCH Evaluation Report _FINAL.pdf (

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Evaluation of the Extended Distress Brief Intervention Programme (September 2022), Supporting documents – Extended Distress Brief Intervention Programme: evaluation – (

Evaluation of the Near Me video consulting service in Scotland during COVID-19, 2020 (March 2021), Supporting documents – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Near Me video consulting service: evaluation 2020 – main report – (

Evaluation of telemedicine early medical abortion at home in Scotland (March 2023),

Evaluation of the Wellbeing Fund Open Application Process (March 2021),

Perinatal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland (April 2022), Public Health Scotland & SG commissioned Univs. Of Abertay & Dundee.

Review of the Scottish Welfare Fund: Main Report (March 2023),

Review of the Small Grants Fund (March 2021)

Supporting Communities Fund evaluation (February 2022), Supporting Communities Fund: evaluation – (

The Third Sector Resilience Fund (TSRF): Analysis of Applications and Awards

(March - September 2020):

Universal Health Visiting Pathway evaluation - phase 1: main report - primary research with health visitors and parents and case note review (December 2021)

Further evidence

If not now, when? – Social Renewal Advisory Board report: January 2021

Covid Recovery Strategy Assurance Report (Unpublished, August 2022)

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