Justice Analytical Services (JAS) Safer Communities and Justice Statistics Monthly Data Report: August 2023 edition

This report contains summary statistics covering a number of important justice and safer communities statistics. It is published with up to date statistics every month.

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Reconviction Rates in Scotland: 2019-20 Offender Cohort

An infographic visualising high level statistics from the publication entitled “Reconviction Rates in Scotland: 2019-20 Offender Cohort”, published in June 2023.

Descriptive text for Infographic below:

Visual 1: Time series graph visualising data found in Table 1. Average number of reconvictions per offender are shown each year from 2010-11. Accompanying text includes ‘Reconvictions have decreased over most of the last decade’ and ‘Large decrease due to Covid’ pointing at this year’s figure.

Visual 2: Bar chart with two bars, titled ‘2019-20 cohort: average number of reconvictions per offender”. One bar labelled ‘0.81, offenders who commit a crime of dishonesty have the highest average number’. Another bar labelled ‘0.15, offenders who commit a sexual crime have the lowest’.

Visual 3: Of the 33,143 offenders convicted in 2020-21, 69% had at least one previous conviction in the last 10 years and 16% had over 10 previous convictions in the past 10 years.


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