Homicide in Scotland 2022-23

Statistical bulletin on crimes of homicide recorded by the police in Scotland in 2022-2023.

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Method of Killing

Table 7

The most common main method of killing in each of the last 10 years was with a sharp instrument. This includes 58% (30) of homicide victims in 2022-23, 23 of which involved a knife. The next most common main method was hitting and kicking, accounting for 29% (15) of homicide victims in 2022-23.

Figure 7: Sharp instruments are the most common main method of killing

Victims of homicide by selected main method of killing, 2013-14 to 2022-23
 Line chart showing that sharp instruments have been the method of killing for between 35% and 60% of all homicide since 2013-14.

Homicide by shooting is relatively rare in Scotland. In 2022-23, there were three victims recorded. Since 2013-14 there have been 17 recorded victims of shooting, accounting for 3% of all homicide victims over this period.


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