Welfare of animals during transport - consultation: summary report

Analysis of the responses received to the full public consultation, between 4 December 2020 to 26 February 2021, of the Farm Animal Welfare Committee's opinion on the welfare of animals during transport.

Summary of Responses

A total of 388 responses were received and are broken down by grouping in Table 1. Of these:

  • 36 (9.3%) were from farmers/crofters and their representative organisations;
  • 14 (3.6%) were from the livestock industry (including abattoir representation, meat processers and auction marts)
  • 7 (1.8%) were from the veterinary profession (2 from veterinary practices and 5 from veterinary associations)
  • 23 (5.9%) were from animal welfare organisations
  • 9 (2.3%) were from animal welfare enforcement and advisory bodies (8 of whom are Scottish local authorities)
  • 5 (1.3%) were from transport industry organisations
  • 15 (3.9%) were from other organisations identified as outwith the above groupings; and
  • 279 (71.6%) were from members of the general public, although a small number of these self-identified as livestock producers or supporters of animal welfare organisations.

Within the responses from the general public there were approximately 50 responses largely identical to the responses of a number of the animal welfare organisations; and around 30 responses largely identical to the responses of organisations representing farmers/crofters.

Table 1 – Breakdown of respondent groups
A chart showing the number of responses from groups of respondents to the consultation.

The responses to the questions asked by the consultation identified no clear majorities, either in favour or opposed to, the Scottish Government’s position on the FAWC recommendations and proposals to take those recommendations forward.

There are only 2 questions that elicited even a simple majority consensus. Those were in favour of treating all equines, registered and non-registered, equally in welfare in transport legislation and for collecting and using feedback to identify welfare risks in transport.

Table 2 – Percentage responses to consultation proposals
A chart showing the percentage of responses to the 17 questions asked on the consultation proposals.

The individual responses to the questions asked by the consultation are considered in greater detail in this Report.


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