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Fair Start Scotland - evaluation report 3: year two - overview

Published: 9 Nov 2020

Third report in a series of evaluation reports of Fair Start Scotland employability services which covers the second full year of service delivery (April 2019 - March 2020) and summarises findings from a participant phone survey, local area case studies and analysis of management information.

Fair Start Scotland - evaluation report 3: year two - overview
Appendix 3: FSS Evaluation Plan

Appendix 3: FSS Evaluation Plan

The Scottish Government is committed to providing a robust, independent evaluation of the delivery process and outcomes of Fair Start Scotland services. All findings will contribute to our understanding of what works in employment support for individuals and to the continuous improvement of policy and service delivery. Scottish Government will also use these findings to help ensure accountability and value for money from the procurement and management of future services from 2021 onwards.

The evaluation will be undertaken by independent research contractors, following a mixed methods approach delivered over three phases (Table 3.1):

Table 3.1: FSS Evaluation Phases
Phase Focus Time period
Phase 1 Implementation and early delivery review First 6 months of service delivery April – Sept 2018
Phase 2 Ongoing service delivery and participant outcomes Annual reports covering each full year of service delivery to March 2021
Phase 3 Long term outcomes and impact measures Final report on impacts up to 18 months after initial delivery ends (Sept 2022).

The Scottish Government will publish a series of reports on the evaluation findings, following the timeline in Figure 3.1 below.

Figure 3.1: Fair Start Scotland evaluation timeline