Equality outcomes and mainstreaming report 2017

Update on Scottish Government's progress incorporating equality across its activities and delivering equality outcomes set in April 2013.

Permanent Secretary's Statement

Leslie Evans Permanent Secretary

As the Permanent Secretary for the Scottish Government I want us to become a world leading, diverse employer.

This is an ambitious aspiration - and in order to achieve it we need to be fully representative of modern Scotland and the public and communities we serve.

Our investment in the development and wellbeing of our workforce is a key component of Scotland's distinctive approach to public services. Underpinning this approach is a belief that everyone has a right to equality of opportunity and should be able to fulfil their potential free from barriers which limit aspiration. No one should be defined by the circumstances or characteristics of their birth, or held back by poverty, ethnicity or culture.

Tackling poverty and inequality in Scotland is one of this Government's central aims - our success depends upon our working together to deliver a strong economy whilst supporting a fairer society. Achieving greater equality and achieving sustainable economic growth are mutually supportive. A fairer and more equal society is also one that's more prosperous and economically successful.

In helping to meet this aspiration the Scottish Government aims to champion and broaden its own diversity and ensure equal opportunities are embraced and reflected in its work and that of all public bodies. Our ambition is to be a government that truly reflects the people it serves.

Leslie Evans
Permanent Secretary


Email: Nicole Ronald, Mainstreamingequality@gov.scot

Phone: 0300 244 4000 – Central Enquiry Unit

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