Energy Efficient Scotland: equality impact assessment

The Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) has been undertaken to allow us to look at how this programme impacts on people and is an opportunity to promote equality.

3. Local Heat & Energy Strategies (LHEES)

3.1. We propose that LHEES would be the foundation on which the Programme is delivered over its 20 year lifespan and envisage LHEES as being central to informing and shaping the overall delivery of the Programme. Work to date has been informed by extensive engagement with stakeholders, initially in June 2016 through the recommendations of the Special Working Group of the Scottish Government's Expert Commission on District Heating, then followed by the Short Life Working Group on Heat Regulation (established by the Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy in September 2016).

3.2. The proposals informed by these working groups were consulted on twice during 2017 and 2017/18: accompanied by a concurrent programme of full-day workshop events around the country, to which invitations were specifically forwarded to national equality stakeholders (the second consultation included specific equality impact-focused questions).

3.3. In parallel, we have been working with COSLA and with 12 local authorities to pilot the preparation of LHEES which is allowing us to understand the processes of data gathering, objective-setting, and design and prioritisation of local delivery programmes. The pilots are testing different methodologies and providing evidence on the resources needed to prepare LHEES in preparation for roll-out of the Programme from 2020, and in advance of any proposed statutory duty.


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