Energy Efficient Scotland: equality impact assessment

The Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) has been undertaken to allow us to look at how this programme impacts on people and is an opportunity to promote equality.

16. Race

16.1. Evidence gathered: There are approximately 100,000 Black and Minority Ethnic ( BME) people living in Scotland making up just over 4% of the population. The Private Rented Sector ( PRS) consultation found that BME people make up around 10% of those living in private rented sector accommodation and are largely concentrated in urban areas.

16.2. Effects/Impacts: We have looked at the available evidence and consider that people in this group are likely to benefit more than individuals in other sectors. According to the Scottish Household Survey 2016 Key Findings, BME people are disproportionately likely to live in the private rented sector. These households would see their homes improved through the Private Sector sooner than other tenures. BME people living in social housing would see improvements even sooner than those in the private rented sector but the survey reports that due to the lack of knowledge held by landlords around the ethnicity of their tenants, we are unable to determine how much of the population this will effect. Further views will, however, be sought in the upcoming Programme consultation.


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