Energy Efficient Scotland: equality impact assessment

The Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) has been undertaken to allow us to look at how this programme impacts on people and is an opportunity to promote equality.

20. Children's Rights and Wellbeing Considerations

20.1. Evidence gathered: As mentioned in section 11 " Evidence suggests that older people and families with young children spend more time at home and may therefore incur larger fuel bills."

20.2. To assess whether the Programme is considering the rights and wellbeing of children there are a number of points that need to be addressed:

  • If any aspects of the policy will affect children and young people up to the age of 18?
  • What likely impact – direct or indirect – will the policy have on children or young people?
  • Are there any particular groups of children and young people who are more likely to be affected than others?

20.3. The House Condition Survey 2016 states that households with young children may spend more prolonged time in the home that other groups. This could lead to an increase in the use of energy in the home, and in turn could push families further toward fuel poverty.

20.4. Evidence and Impact: We consider that this group will benefit in line with others living in Scotland but are aware of the impact and implications on the 'burden of cost' to carry out improvements and how this could impact on a child's wellbeing. As part of the consultations we will seek views from organisations who specifically deal with the rights and wellbeing of children and young people.


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