Energy Efficient Scotland: equality impact assessment

The Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) has been undertaken to allow us to look at how this programme impacts on people and is an opportunity to promote equality.

24. Risks and monitoring

24.1. We aim to monitor and evaluate the Programme throughout its lifetime and this will allow us to adapt the work being done where necessary.

24.2. As well as looking at outputs we will measure and monitor outcomes, capturing the impact the Programme has on people and their communities. A monitoring and evaluation framework will be launched at the end of the Programme Transition period ( April 2020) which will set out:

  • a detailed framework considering the impact of the Programme on people using buildings across Scotland;
  • a range of indicators to inform progress on an annual basis, taking into consideration the Climate Change Plan, requirements for tackling fuel poverty as set out in the Fuel Poverty Strategy and Fuel Poverty Bill and other relevant policies; and
  • multi-year reviews will be planned, aligning them with key policy areas and the commissioning of external evaluations.

24.3. We will regularly review data to enable us to identify any gaps and ensure that we have the most up to date baseline for all building sectors. We will engage with relevant bodies and stakeholders on the development of the framework to ensure that it meets a full range of needs.

24.4. To underpin the monitoring and evaluation cycle, we will, in 2020, publish a baseline setting out the state of Scotland's building stock against which we will track progress of improvements over the lifetime of the Programme.


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