Economic condition of crofting: 2019 to 2022

This is a report to the Scottish Parliament as outlined in the terms of section 51 of the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, reflecting the economic condition of crofting and the measures taken by the Scottish Ministers, the Crofting Commission and others to support crofting during 2019 to 2022.

30. National Development Plan for Crofting

30.1. The National Development Plan for Crofting was published in March 2021, and sets the long-term strategic direction for crofting. The Plan drew on the work undertaken by the Crofting Stakeholder Forum and various consultation and survey responses, and highlights the core elements necessary to ensure that crofting remains at the heart of our rural and island communities.

30.2. The Plan highlights how crofting activities can be undertaken in a way that further contributes to the enhancement of Scotland's environment, iconic landscapes and biodiversity. The Plan encourages croft diversification into agri-tourism, woodland regeneration and creation, local food networks, and the restoration of Scotland's degraded peatlands. Such priorities are laid out in the Plan, and work has begun to deliver on these actions.

30.3. What is also central to the Plan is how to encourage full occupancy and use of crofts and effective management of all common grazings. These top priorities are shared by the Scottish Government, the Crofting Commission, stakeholders and the wider crofting community. The Scottish Government's commitment to these priorities and to the delivery of the Plan is reflected in the additional funding provided to the Commission during this reporting period. In April 2022, the Commission received an increase to its annual budget to enable it to increase its staff resource, which will support and encourage active management of common grazings and more active use of crofts, and create opportunities for new entrants.



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