Designing the Social Security Charter: report on the first stage of work

This report outlines approach and findings from the first stage of work undertaken with clients and stakeholder organisations to design the new social security charter.

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1. Social Security for Scotland: Benefits being devolved to the Scottish Parliament March 2015 Page 7


3. The Act refers to 'impairment' rather than 'physical or health condition'. In this report we have used this wording to reflect the preferred terminology of participants in this research. The Act can be read here:

4. By 'capacity building' this report means ensuring that people have the knowledge and understanding to input to the process in an informed way

5. A fourth core group workshop has since taken place – the analysis of this workshop is still underway and so is not included in this report.

6. ISESCR general comment No:19

7. See for example Social security experience panels - personal independence payment discovery: visual summary of research findings. /publications/social-security-experience-panels-personal-independence-payment-discovery-visual-summary/


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