Respiratory infections including Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer workplaces and public settings

Guidance for businesses and workplaces (including transport operators) on reducing the risk of respiratory infections including COVID-19 and supporting staff and customers.


This guidance is for people who are managing a workplace, organisation or premises (including transport operators). It provides advice on steps you can take to help reduce the risk of transmission of respiratory infections, including COVID-19 to create a safer environment.

The requirements that were in law for COVID-19 have been removed. However, we strongly recommend you risk assess your premises and take sensible precautions and actions to reduce the risk of transmission of respiratory infections including COVID-19, to ensure a safer and healthier working environment and to minimise disruption to your business.

We strongly recommend you:

  • maintain a vigilant approach to managing the risks of infection transmission

  • continue with appropriate protective measures (such as encouraging vaccination uptake to those who are eligible and using face coverings where appropriate)

  • make adaptations to operations and workplace practices identified by risk assessment

  • follow the staying at home guidance if you display symptoms

This will help you to sustain operations and lower the possibility of staff absences or service cancellation. It will also help to reduce the risk across the wider community.

We recognise that there is no one size fits all model in creating more resilient premises and this will vary by sector, premises and business or organisational model.



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