Climate action hubs: apply to set one up

A national network of climate action hubs is being set up to support communities to take forward climate action in their areas. Find out how to apply to set up a hub.

Who can apply 

 The scheme is open to: 

  • community groups

  • voluntary organisations 

  • registered charities 

  • social enterprises 

  • community benefit societies 

  • community interest companies (CICs)

Other essential criteria 

Your organisation must also meet the following criteria. 


You organisation must: 

  • be incorporated, or

  • if a Community Benefit Society - be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, or

  • if a Community Interest Company - continue to meet the Regulator of Community Interest Companies’ community interest test and asset lock provisions


  • have a registered office in the UK with an official operating base in Scotland that is rooted in the community or communities it serves 

  • operate on a not-for-profit basis for the benefit of the community


Your organisation must have a governing: 

  • body such as a board or committee 

  • document that has been formally adopted and involves local people and communities in decision-making 

 Community involvement 

 Your organisation must: 

  • involve and engage with all sections of your community or communities, consistent with the National Standards for Community Engagement 


Your organisation must: 

  • be solvent 

  • hold a UK bank account 

  • have annual accounts that have been approved by a management committee or board, or current annual project accounts 

  • have control over all project income and expenditure 

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria 

If your organisation does not meet the eligibility criteria, then we cannot consider an application from you.

However, you may instead wish to consider working in partnership with an eligible organisation. This may have the additional benefit of strengthening the proposal and service for your area. 

Partnership applications 

If forming a partnership application, you should make sure that all organisations involved are fully sighted on the application. 

It may be helpful to develop a partnership agreement or memorandum of understanding, so all partners understand their role and what is expected of them. 

This will not be a requirement of the funding application but may help to avoid any complications or misunderstandings. 

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