Climate action hubs: apply to set one up

A national network of climate action hubs is being set up to support communities to take forward climate action in their areas. Find out how to apply to set up a hub.

Hub roles

The Scotland-wide network of climate action hubs is being set up in recognition of the major role communities can play in helping to meet Scotland’s climate change targets.

It follows the success of two pathfinder hubs, in the North East led by the NESCAN Hub (North East Scotland Climate Action Network and the Highlands and Islands (Orkney and Shetland) led by the Highlands and Islands Climate Action Hub.

We have held sessions with community groups involved in climate action on how a regional hub in each area might be set up, and what its priorities would be. 

Hubs will help to build on and co-ordinate climate action in their area, by:

  • developing local plans
  • helping groups identify funding opportunities
  • facilitating networking between groups
  • ensuring a joined-up approach is taken to tackling climate change at a regional level

Hub activities

Hubs should design activity to fit with local needs and circumstances. Examples of the types of activity we would expect hubs to carry out include:

  • mapping existing climate action activity
  • identifying barriers to local climate action
  • supporting communities to design and deliver mitigation and adaptation projects
  • reaching out to communities with little or no previous involvement in climate action and identify ways of enabling them to participate
  • fostering peer to peer learning and sharing of experience
  • encouraging co-ordination of activity and collaboration between community groups, and other local bodies, such as local councils, businesses and third sector interfaces.
  • developing good working relationships with other organisations/agencies who can offer support, and direct local groups to them as appropriate
  • identifying funding opportunities and supporting groups to access and use this
  • facilitating learning and development, for example by developing support materials and delivering climate literacy training

Hubs' contribution to Scottish Government priorities

Hubs will contribute to a broad range of policies that work to deliver the National Outcomes set out in our National Performance Framework, supporting healthier, fairer, greener and more resilient communities across Scotland.

They will also help support the delivery of our Climate Change Plan, Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme, and Just Transition commitments at a place-based level. It will also support delivery of our public engagement strategy on climate change, by enabling communities to take action and with the hubs acting as ‘trusted messengers’ in the communities in which they are based.

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