Climate action hubs: apply to set one up

A national network of climate action hubs is being set up to support communities to take forward climate action in their areas. Find out how to apply to set up a hub.

Monitoring and evaluation

All hubs will need to set objectives and submit quarterly reports mapping progress against these objectives.

Outputs and outcomes

In your application you will need to describe what outputs and outcomes the hub will deliver, and how you will measure progress. These should be based on local priorities and needs. 

Outputs are the activities carried out by the project, and are the actions that aim to achieve the project outcomes.

Outcomes are the impact of the outputs. They are the reason the project is necessary, the change it will deliver and the positive impact it will achieve. Completing project activities does not guarantee that its desired outcomes are also achieved.

Some broad outputs and outcomes that could apply to each hub in the network are below:

Examples of target outputs (deliverables)


The hub will:

  • hold x events, reaching X individuals

  • deliver X training/climate literacy sessions to x groups

  • support x communities (including X% new groups)

  • increase membership to x new groups

  • hold x peer to peer learning sessions

  • support development of x projects

  • provide x seed funding to x projects

  • hold x collaborative/scaled up projects

  • contribute to x consultations/engagement sessions

  • support x groups to develop local place plans/community climate action plans/climate resilience plans

  • leverage support from at least one private sector investor

Examples of target outcomes (impact of deliverables)


The hub aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • a % increase in new groups engaging in climate activity
  • increase in climate literacy leading to % increase in action
  • increased diversity of those engaged in climate conversations or involved in climate action
  • increase in climate activity resulting in lower emissions/more climate resilient places/increased biodiversity
  • x additional funding leveraged
  • communities place higher emphasis on climate within the design/implementation of national and local government policy and a community voice is more embedded into policy making
  • climate change is more integrated into community contributions to local planning decisions and policy making
  • community climate action has become more normalised and communities are more empowered to take climate action

Quarterly progress report template

If your application is successful you will need to submit quarterly reports demonstrating progress towards achieving/completing the activities and outcomes in your application. You can use the following template to create this.

Interim progress

Detail the progress you have made towards the achievement of your objectives. You should refer to your Grant Offer Letter. By describing the indicators used to monitor progress and state if your outcomes have been fully/partially/not achieved.

Responsive actions

Has there been a requirement to take actions as a result of Scottish Government feedback to previous progress reports? Tell us about the actions that were taken:


Have you experienced any constraints or difficulties? If so, please set out the action you have taken to overcome them and what effect they have had on your project:


Provide a short narrative giving examples of positive experiences or success stories stating what objective/target they relate to, that will enhance our understanding of your progress to date:


Have any of the risks originally identified been realised during the reporting period so far? If so, which ones and what actions have been taken in response and how have these impacted on the overall achievement of objectives:

Lessons learned

What lessons have you learned during this reporting period that you feel will enhance future activity and enable the hub’s wider objectives to be realised?

Expenditure breakdown

Provide a detailed breakdown of actual expenditure to which this interim report relates, compared to the planned expenditure detailed in your grant offer letter

Expenditure Category

Planned Expenditure

Actual Expenditure

e.g. – stationery

£ 0

£ 0


£ 0

£ 0

Learning for the wider network

Have you developed resources or tools, or run events that other hubs would benefit from? Are there any demonstrator projects in your area that it would be useful to promote more widely?

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