Climate action hubs: apply to set one up

A national network of climate action hubs is being set up to support communities to take forward climate action in their areas. Find out how to apply to set up a hub.

How to apply

To apply to set up a climate action hub you should:  

  1. Complete the application form (found in ‘supporting documents’)

  2. Email it to:

Contact us at the above email address if you need the form provided in an alternative format for accessibility reasons.

You can apply any time up to the end of 2023. 

In the application, you will be asked to provide information about: 

  • your experience of supporting climate action and engaging communities 

  • community involvement in designing the hub

  • how the hub will be run and structured

  • projected costs 

  • how the hub will support all communities 

  • key deliverables (outputs) and impact of these (outcomes)

  • how you will monitor progress - read more about setting outputs and outcomes, and monitoring progress

If you need help filling out the application form 

A number of regional network co-ordinators have been appointed to support the setting up of climate action hubs, including helping groups with the application process. 

If you are not already in touch with a regional co-ordinator contact us at:

After you submit your application

When we receive your application we will assess it against the fund criteria and get back to you with a decision as quickly as possible. 

If your application is successful

if your application is successful, you will receive an offer of grant detailing the conditions of funding.

Support for hubs

Hubs will have access to training and materials that they can adapt to local circumstances.

Climate action hubs will work together to build connections across the network, allowing for the wider sharing of learning and good practice.

They will also have access to technical expertise and advice through a stakeholder working group.

The two pathfinder hubs will also be able to share their experience.

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