Cereal and oilseed rape harvest: final estimates - 2021

Final estimates of area, yield and production for winter and spring barley, wheat, oats and oilseed rape, for the 2021 harvest.

Cereal production down across Scotland

A map shows Scottish regions

Overall, cereal production decreased across the country.

Highlands and Islands saw a 17 percent reduction in production and 16 percent in yield.

North Eastern Scotland production and yield reduced by 15 and 16 percent respectively.

Eastern Scotland saw the production and yield decrease by six percent.

Southern Scotland experienced the smallest change from year to year compared to other regions, with a six percent increase in production, four percent increase in yield, and two percent increase in area.

West Central Scotland production increased by 15 percent, with increases of six and nine percent for area and yield respectively. However, only around one percent of cereals were grown in West Central Scotland and these changes may not be significant.


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