British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan consultation

Consultation seeking views on improving public services for BSL users.

Health, Mental Health And Social Care

Our goal for Health, Mental Health and Social Care

BSL users will have access to the information and services they need to live active, healthy lives, and to make informed choices at every stage of their lives.

By 2023 Scottish Ministers will take these steps:

30. Ensure that information on national health screening and immunisation programmes is routinely translated into BSL and is readily available and easy to access.

31. Improve access to, and the availability of, professionally approved health information in BSL by ensuring that it is located in a central place online.

32. Develop and roll out BSL awareness training for health and social care staff across Scotland ensuring that it is readily accessible at the point of need and tailored to a health setting.

33. Consider ways to improve individual patient health records so that a person's records clearly indicate when a patient's first or preferred language is BSL.

34. Ensure that information about people's rights to directing their own social care and support (Self-directed Support) is available in BSL.

35. Ensure that a national source of mental health information, advice and support is developed for BSL users.


Email: Hilary Third

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