British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan consultation

Consultation seeking views on improving public services for BSL users.


Our first goal for Democracy

BSL users should be able to represent the people of Scotland as elected politicians at a national and local level, and to serve on boards of our public bodies.

By 2023 Scottish Ministers will take these steps:

51. Assess whether the Access to Elected Office fund met the needs of BSL users. This pilot fund offers support to cover additional costs, like BSL/English interpreting, who wish to stand for selection or election in the 2017 local government elections.

52. Offer advice and support to BSL users about how to participate in politics and to political parties and organisations about how to be more inclusive of BSL users.

53. We will raise awareness of public appointments as a way to participate in public life. We will make sure that the boards of public bodies know about BSL and the BSL National Plan and what they need to do.

Our second goal for Democracy:

BSL users should have full access to information about democracy, including voting.

By 2023 Scottish Ministers will take these steps:

54. Provide better information about voting in BSL and review whether it has been effective.

55. We will encourage political parties to produce election information in BSL.


Email: Hilary Third

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