British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan consultation

Consultation seeking views on improving public services for BSL users.

Culture, Leisure, Sport And The Arts

Our goal for Culture, Leisure, Sport and the Arts

BSL users will enjoy fair and inclusive access to Scotland's culture, leisure pursuits, sport and the arts and will have every opportunity to share their own Deaf culture with the people of Scotland.

By 2023 Scottish Ministers will take these steps:

40. Encourage BSL users to take part in the culture, leisure, sport and the arts as participants, audience members and professionals.

41. Support professional pathways and advocate for BSL users to consider culture, leisure, sport or the arts as a potential career choice

42. Encourage the integration of BSL in the performing arts and film.

43. Work with the bodies delivering culture, leisure, sport and the arts to ensure that websites are easy to access and inclusive for BSL users

44. Increase the number of public events and arts programmes that have BSL interpretation.

45. Work with Historic Environment Scotland to introduce British Sign Language tours in historic buildings in order to improve access for BSL users.

46. Work to ensure that everyone is empowered to access and participate in Scotland's culture. The new Cultural Strategy will be owned by the people of Scotland and will be co-created with artists, cultural producers and anyone else with an interest across the sector and beyond.

47. Work with sportscotland to provide information on their website about good practice when working with BSL users and increase awareness and understanding about BSL.


Email: Hilary Third

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