British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan consultation

Consultation seeking views on improving public services for BSL users.

Public Services

Our goal for public services

Across the Scottish public sector, information and services will be accessible to BSL users.

By 2023 Scottish Ministers will take these steps:

1. Develop, test and promote a set of guidelines for all Scottish Public Services to improve access to information and services for BSL users. This will include guidelines on how to ensure that BSL users can participate on a fair and equal basis in the design of Scotland's public services, including providing them with information and support to do so.

2. Promote the use of the Scottish Government service called contactSCOTLAND- BSL with public and third sector organisations and explore the potential for greater use.

3. Explore how to develop and deliver BSL awareness and training that can be accessed quickly across all frontline public services, including all the services covered in this Plan.

4. Consider the need for a comprehensive review of the current BSL/English interpreting landscape, including skill levels, training and regulation. Such a review would develop recommendations aimed at boosting the profession, and supporting the more efficient delivery of interpretation services across the public sector, including all the services covered in this Plan.

5. Explore ways in which BSL/English interpreters can develop more advanced skills to work in specific settings, including the justice and health care systems.

6. Consider where BSL information from across the public sector should be located so that BSL users can easily find it

7. Give further consideration to what actions we could take to ensure that our approach to delivering public services is person-centred so that BSL users can expect greater consistency.


Email: Hilary Third

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