On Board: a guide for members of management advisory boards

This guidance is for all those appointed by the Chief Executive to be a member of management advisory boards.

Role of Management Advisory Board Chair

The role of chairing the Management Advisory Board may not always fall to the Chief Executive. It may be appropriate in some circumstances for the Chief Executive to delegate that role to a Non-Executive Board member. The Chair has additional responsibilities over and above those of Board members, particularly in relation to leadership and the conduct of Board business.

Where a Management Advisory Board is chaired by someone other than the Chief Executive it should be made clear in the body's corporate documents how responsibilities are divided between the Chief Executive and the Chair.

In general the respective duties could be set out along the following lines:

Role Of The Management Advisory Board Chair

The Member Chairing

  • Leads the Board, ensures that the Board has the ability to carry out functions effectively and chairs Board meetings;
  • Leads the Board's approach to the establishment of committees and ensures the Board considers substantive reports from any committees established;
  • Ensures that the work of the Board and any committees is subject to regular self-assessment and that the Board is operating strategically and effectively;
  • Has an input into the appraisal process as carried out by the Chief Executive.

Chief Executive

  • Leads representation and links with Ministers and Scottish Parliament;
  • Leads the Board's approach to strategic planning;
  • Ensures the Board has a balance of skills appropriate to directing the public body's business, in accordance with recognised good practice in corporate governance;
  • Is appraised annually by the relevant Scottish Government Director-General or Director;
  • Ensures the Board members are fully briefed on terms of appointment, duties, rights and responsibilities; and
  • Ensures there is a Code of Conduct for members in place, if applicable.


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