BICS weighted Scotland estimates: data to wave 61

Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS) weighted Scotland estimates containing data to wave 61 (including data for Wave 60).

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Wave 60

The following sections contain information up to Wave 60 of the survey, which was in the field 27 June to 10 July 2022.

Workforce Status

In Wave 60 the BICS asked businesses about the status of their workforce. Note that businesses were asked about the status of their workforce in June 2022.

Workforce Status Question: In June 2022, approximately what percentage of your business's workforce were:

  • working from a designated workspace
  • made permanently redundant
  • using a hybrid model of working
  • working from home
  • on sick leave or not working due to coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, self-isolation or quarantine
  • other

Figure 9: In June 2022, 68.3% of the workforce were estimated to be working from a designated workspace, 22.0% to be using a hybrid model of working and 6.2% working from home. In the latest period, the industry sectors with the lowest proportion of the workforce working from a designated workspace were the Information & Communication and Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities sectors, estimated at 17.0% and 35.3% respectively – with these sectors having the highest rates of hybrid working and home working.

Source: Office for National Statistics – BICS – Weighted Scotland Estimates – Wave 60


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