Allotments guidance for local authorities: consultation

Consultation on draft statutory guidance for local authorities relating to certain sections of Part 9 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 - Allotments.

Policy Framework

In 2009 the Scottish Government published its first National Food and Drink Policy – Recipe for Success. This Policy made a clear commitment to strategically support allotments and community growing spaces. To help Scottish Government meet this end the Grow Your Own Working Group was established in 2009 and one of its recommendations was to amend the legislation governing allotments and specifically to review the duties placed on local authorities.

The SNP Manifesto in 2011 made a commitment to bring forward a Community Empowerment Bill and to update the legislation relating to allotments. This commitment acknowledged the view that the legislation was outdated and recognised that demand for suitable land to allow people to grow their own food continued to be high.

The next phase of Scotland's 'National Food and Drink Policy; Becoming a Good Food Nation' was launched in June 2014. The policy highlighted the successes of Scotland's first food and drink policy whilst recognising the continuing challenges within Scotland's food and drink sector. The focus of the policy is that everyone in Scotland is able to buy, eat and serve food that is affordable, healthy and sustainable.

In 2015, prior to the passage of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill, the Scottish Government made a commitment to stakeholders to establish a Tripartite Group. The aim of the Tripartite Group was to develop constructive dialogue surrounding Part 9, and monitor the early stages of Part 9 implementation.
In 2016 a Tripartite Group consisting of representatives from Scottish Government, Local Authorities and the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society was established. The work of the Tripartite Group has helped shape this guidance document.

Grow-Your-Own ( GYO), be it on an allotment or community garden, can increase access to affordable, healthy, sustainable food; a key aspect of our national policy: Becoming a Good Food Nation.


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