Allotments guidance for local authorities: consultation

Consultation on draft statutory guidance for local authorities relating to certain sections of Part 9 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 - Allotments.

3. Legislative background for a food-growing strategy

3.1 Section 119 of the Act places a duty on every local authority to prepare a food-growing strategy which must be published by 1 st April 2020, that is within two years of section 119 coming into force.

3.2 Section 119 requires local authorities to include the following in their food-growing strategies:

  • Land identified in the area that could be used for allotment sites;
  • Other land identified in the local authority area which could be used by a community to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers;
  • Description of how the authority intends to increase the provision of allotments or other land for community growing, should the authority be required to take reasonable steps under section 112(1);
  • When detailing how the authority intends to increase the provision of allotment sites and community growing areas of land in its area as it is required to take reasonable steps under section 112(1), a description of whether and how this will apply to communities which experience socio-economic disadvantage.

3.3 Section 120 of the Act requires every local authority to review its food-growing strategy. This review must be carried out within 5 years of the date of the publication of the initial food-growing strategy, and every five years thereafter. When the local authority decides to change its strategy following a review, the local authority is required to electronically publish an amended strategy.


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