Allotments guidance for local authorities: consultation

Consultation on draft statutory guidance for local authorities relating to certain sections of Part 9 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 - Allotments.

6. Section 120 – Duty to review food-growing strategy

Legislative background

6.1 Section 120 requires every local authority to review its food-growing strategy. This review must be carried out within 5 years of the date of the publication of the initial food-growing strategy, and every five years thereafter. When the local authority changes its food-growing strategy following review, the local authority is required to electronically publish an amended strategy.

Section guidance

6.2 A local authority may review their food-growing strategy more frequently than every 5 years.

6.3 Authorities should take account of relevant factors such as ongoing planning activity, refreshed local plans, or changes to interdependent strategies e.g. to local health and wellbeing or social strategies when revising, or identifying the need to revise, their strategy.

6.4 As part of the review of the strategy, if the duty under section 112 applies, the local authority should consider whether changes to their strategy are required to address this and should look at increasing allotment provision and grow-your-own opportunities within their area.

6.5 When reviewing their strategies, local authorities should consider steps they have identified or taken to increase provision of allotments or other food-growing spaces, if this has proven necessary.

Question 11 Is section 120 of the statutory guidance clear and understandable, to allow the local authority to deliver its statutory obligations under Part 9?


If no, i.e. you consider that the guidance is not clear and understandable, please tell us why you think this, and how it needs to be improved. Please include the relevant paragraph numbers in your response.

Question 11 comments:

Question 12 Are there any gaps or omissions in section 120 of the statutory guidance?


If yes, i.e. you consider that there are gaps or omissions, please tell us what you think is missing. If appropriate, please include the relevant paragraph numbers in your response.

Question 12 comments:


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