Allotments guidance for local authorities: consultation

Consultation on draft statutory guidance for local authorities relating to certain sections of Part 9 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 - Allotments.

Legislative Framework

Historically, allotments were governed by a complex framework of legislation:

1. The Allotments (Scotland) Act 1892 as amended by;

2. The Land Settlement (Scotland) Act 1919; and

3. The Allotments (Scotland) Acts of 1922 and 1950

Part 9 of the Act [2] updates and simplifies allotments legislation, bringing it together in a single instrument, introducing new duties on local authorities to increase transparency on the actions taken to provide allotments in their area and limit waiting times.

Allotments are defined in Part 9 as land that is owned or leased by a local authority and used wholly or mainly for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers, and not for profit.


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