Agriculture Bill: consultation analysis

An independent analysis of the responses to the consultation on proposals for a new Agriculture Bill, “Delivering our Vision for Scottish Agriculture. Proposals for a new Agriculture Bill”, which was open from 29 August until 5 December 2022.

Appendix 5: Campaign Responses

Based on a review of consultation responses there would appear to be some examples of campaign responses received.

There were more than 50 letters received in relation to the Scottish Government’s consultation on proposals for a new Agriculture Bill which were identical or similar in content, these appear to be from NFUS members.

These letters argued that at a time when farming and crofting are facing a crisis in confidence, driven by rising input costs, volatile prices, labour shortages and extreme weather, the Scottish Government appears to be disconnected from reality.

They also noted while a new Agriculture Bill is needed to deliver the Scottish Government’s Vision for Agriculture, the Vision has been side-lined by circumstances.

The letters conclude that “A clear, unwavering commitment that future policy will underpin agricultural activity and food production is required immediately. If the pursuit of a misplaced vision is all that matters, then Scotland’s future ‘agricultural support’ policy will fail”.

In addition to the letters above, there were further responses specifically related to NFUS Orkney submitted as letters or using similar language throughout which appeared to be part of a co-ordinated campaign.

WWF provided a document highlighting personal responses from supporters and received 1,829 signatories to their e-action on the consultation.

Farm for Scotland’s Future is a campaign launched by members of Scottish Environment LINK and farmers’ groups, calling on the Scottish government to make farming work for nature, climate and people. In October, the campaign organisers launched a petition, asking people to add their names to the campaign and also to write a personal message about why they care about the future of Scotland’s farming. By the consultation closing date 2,592 people had signed the petition, of whom 1,765 had written personal messages.

A number of open-ended responses to certain questions gave responses supporting the submission by RSPB Scotland and the submission by Scottish Environment LINK was endorsed by a number of other organisations.



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