Agriculture Bill: consultation analysis

An independent analysis of the responses to the consultation on proposals for a new Agriculture Bill, “Delivering our Vision for Scottish Agriculture. Proposals for a new Agriculture Bill”, which was open from 29 August until 5 December 2022.

Impact on island communities

Specific areas which may lead to different impacts for island communities that were identified were:

  • Poorer transport links might make implementing some proposals more difficult.
  • Scottish Government finance and data leading environmental controls might make some landowners feel control is shifting away.
  • Housing is an issue on islands which makes the challenge of attracting new entrants more difficult.
  • Island communities have explained that due to poor connectivity with the mainland they often struggle to sustain industry and education.
  • Any conditionality of support applied must recognise the starting position of a lot of the soils in fragile areas, including islands that are typically higher organic matter soils- and in the northwest highlands.
  • More remote locations often have more fragile ecosystems.



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