Landscape and outdoor access

  1. Regional Land Use Partnerships: phase 1 process evaluation - final report

    The Regional Land Use Partnerships (RLUPs) evaluation report considers the lessons learned from the Year 1 (2021 to 2022) pilot process. The report was completed by SAC Consulting and outlines key early findings from RLUP pilot establishment.

  2. Breaking New Ground? Developing a Scottish tax to replace the UK Aggregates Levy: consultation

    The Programme for Government 2022 to 2023 sets out a commitment to introduce a Scottish Aggregates Levy Bill. To help inform the Bill, this consultation invites views on how a new and distinctive Scottish aggregates tax, replacing the current UK levy, should be structured and operate.

  3. Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement 2022: advisory notes

    Advisory notes to accompany Revised 2022 Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, September 2022.

  4. Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement Review: report to Scottish Parliament

    Statutory report to Scottish Parliament on review of Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, September 2022.

  5. Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement 2022

    Land reform in Scotland, including matters relating to the ownership, use and management of land and associated rights and responsibilities, is continually evolving. The Statement has been revised to ensure it remains relevant to informing policy and practice around land issues in Scotland.

  6. Protecting and enhancing nature

    More funding for local nature restoration projects.

  7. Response to the Climate Change Committee: progress reducing emissions – report to Parliament 2021

    In December 2021, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published its annual report on progress in reducing emissions in Scotland, assessing the government’s climate change mitigation activity. This report addresses the CCC’s recommendations.

  8. Review of the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement: analysis of consultation responses

    A report on the analysis of the responses to the consultation on the Review of the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

  9. New National Parks for Scotland

    Public encouraged to take part in consultation.

  10. Scottish Natural Capital Accounts 2022

    This report estimates quantity and value of services supplied by Scotland's natural capital.

  11. Promoting responsible investment in Scotland’s natural assets

    New principles to develop a socially fairer, high-integrity market.

  12. A Blue Economy Vision for Scotland

    Sets out our long-term ambition for Scotland’s blue economy to 2045. It demonstrates how much we value our marine environment and its significance. This is captured in six outcomes sitting across a range of environmental, social and economic ambitions.

  13. Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) - wildfire: incident reporting system - research summary

    Summarises the research findings and recommendations contained within the report Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) - wildfire: incident reporting system - data analyses.

  14. Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) - wildfire: incident reporting system - data analyses

    This report examines Incident Reporting System (IRS) data on wildland fire incidents and uses these to improve the understanding of how upland wildfires start, investigate if wildfire occurrence differs between geographical areas; and describe how wildfires exhibit seasonal and temporal trends.

  15. Big ambitions for Wee Forests

    Connecting people and nature.

  16. Scotland's Climate Assembly - recommendations for action: SG response

    Scotland's Climate Assembly published their full report on 23 June 2021. It included 81 recommendations for the Scottish Government, who had six months to respond. This response sets out the existing and proposed actions that government will take in order to address their recommendations.

  17. NHS Scotland climate emergency and sustainability strategy 2022 to 2026 - draft: consultation

    The Scottish Government and NHS Assure have developed a draft Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy 2022 to 2026 for NHS Scotland. The consultation period has been extended until 10 March 2022. Comments should be returned on the template in the supporting documents by email.

  18. California signs Scotland’s world-leading nature declaration

    Governments and cities encouraged to take action for nature at COP26.

  19. Climate change - Net Zero Nation: public engagement strategy

    Sets out our overarching framework for engaging the people of Scotland in the transition to a net zero nation which is prepared for the effects of our changing climate.

  20. Transforming derelict land

    First grants awarded from new £50 million fund.

  21. Land use strategy 2016-2021: second annual progress report

    Second annual progress report on the land use strategy, as required under Section 37A of The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019. It covers the period of March 2020 to March 2021.

  22. Woodland ownership: key data

    Key data taken from analyses of a survey of woodland owners carried out between 2012 and 2015.

  23. Implementation of Scottish Government policy on protecting Ramsar sites

    This note provides guidance on how the Scottish Government expects its policy on the protection of Ramsar sites to be implemented.

  24. Natural heritage designated areas in Scotland: map

    Map showing all the natural heritage designated areas in Scotland.

  25. Scottish Natural Heritage: factsheet

    Information on Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), our lead advisory body on nature, wildlife management, and landscape management across Scotland.

  26. Making more of Scotland’s land

    Vision for land rights and responsibilities.

  27. Scottish land rights and responsibilities statement

    Statement of land rights and responsibilities in Scotland, as required by Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016.

  28. Land access: monitoring implementation of Part 1 of the Land Reform Act

    Trends summary and full monitoring reports collating data submitted by the access authorities regarding implementation of Part 1 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

  29. National Scenic Areas of Scotland: maps

    Maps of all the National Scenic Areas (NSAs).

  30. Public access: delivery plan

    This delivery plan details the tasks for us, access authorities, Scottish Natural Heritage, the National Access Forum, local access forums, Historic Scotland, public agencies, Sheriff Courts, the police, membership organisations, the Paths for All partnership, and network organisations under Part 1 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

  31. National Scenic Areas of Scotland: overview map

    Map showing all 40 of the National Scenic Areas (NSAs) in Scotland.

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