1. A Changing Nation - how Scotland will thrive in a digital world: progress report 2021 – 2024

    A report summarising progress on the delivery of the commitments set out in Scotland’s digital strategy covering digital connectivity; digital skills; digital inclusion; digital ethics; supporting businesses to become digital businesses; and the reform of digital government services.

  2. Scottish procurement policy handbook

    This handbook provides guidance on the rules and policies that apply to the procurement activities of public bodies in Scotland and highlights some key legal obligations.

  3. Building a New Scotland: Justice in an independent Scotland

    This paper sets out the Scottish Government's vision for justice in an independent Scotland.

  4. Building a New Scotland: Justice in an independent Scotland - Easy Read

    Easy read version of the Scottish Government's vision for justice in an independent Scotland.

  5. Prostitution - challenging and deterring men's demand: strategic approach

    Sets our our collective approach, working with stakeholders across the wider public and third sector, to challenge and deter men’s demand for prostitution and support those with experience of it.

  6. Cyber security: guidance for public sector suppliers

    The security of supply chains is increasingly important as we often see cyber incidents affect public sector bodies indirectly through their suppliers. This guidance note promotes the adoption of a consistent approach to supplier cyber security across the Scottish public sector.

  7. Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill: consultation

    We are committed to protecting, respecting and championing the rights of people with learning disabilities and neurodivergent people. This consultation on proposals for a Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill seeks the views of everyone on how we can do this.

  8. Serious Organised Crime Taskforce: progress report 2023

    This progress report details some of the advances made by the Serious Organised Crime Taskforce and its partners.

  9. Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2021/22: Main Findings

    Main findings from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2021/22.

  10. Taking Stock: report on progress towards a cyber resilient Scotland

    Our vision is for Scotland to be a cyber resilient nation. This report reviews strategic activities since 2015 to improve the cyber resilience of Scotland’s citizens and our public, private and third sectors, while also setting out priorities for the future.

  11. Cyber resilience and the third sector - risks, challenges and opportunities: research report

    This research has been commissioned to provide the Scottish Government with an insight into the current and future cyber resilience challenges of the Scottish Third Sector.

  12. User Guide to Recorded Crime Statistics in Scotland

    Provides detailed information on the Recorded Crime in Scotland statistical bulletin series. It is designed to be a useful reference guide with explanatory notes regarding issues and classifications which are crucial to the production and presentation of crime statistics in Scotland.

  13. Cyber security boosted

    Training to help safeguard organisations from attack.

  14. Cyber Resilient Scotland: strategic framework

    This framework builds on Scotland’s first cyber resilience strategy, Safe, secure and prosperous: a cyber resilience strategy for Scotland, expanding on its achievements and addressing ongoing – and new – challenges.

  15. Government to spotlight cyber security

    Cyber Scotland Week 2020 planned for 17-23 February.

  16. Cyber resilience economic opportunity: key actions 2018-2021

    The Cyber Resilience Economic Opportunity action plan sets out the key practical steps we and our partners will take to grow Scotland’s cyber security industry.

  17. Cyber resilience: public sector toolkit

    This toolkit helps public sector organisations implement the Scottish Public Sector Action Plan on Cyber Resilience.

  18. Action on cyber resilience

    Half a million pounds to help charities and businesses defend cyber attacks.

  19. Strengthening cyber resilience

    New action plan puts cyber-skills at the heart of learning and development.

  20. Action on cyber resilience

    New plan to protect public bodies.

  21. Resilience Week

    Scottish public urged to plan ahead and prepare.

  22. Cyber resilience

    Action plan for Scotland to be accelerated.

  23. Cyber security

    NHS systems returning to normal after global attack.

  24. Strengthening cyber security

    Next steps following global attack.

  25. Update on NHS cyber attacks

    Scottish Government resilience meeting to discuss on-going response.

  26. Statement on reported NHS cyber attacks

    Health Secretary comments on health boards affected by potential cyber incidents.

  27. Safe, secure and prosperous: a cyber resilience strategy for Scotland

    Our cyber resilience strategy support the development of a culture of cyber resilience in Scotland.

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