We are committed to helping Scotland's people, businesses and public sector to improve their cyber resilience: their ability to use technology securely, and to respond to and prevent cyber crime.

In Safe, secure and prosperous: a cyber resilience strategy for Scotland (November 2015) we provide a framework for improving Scotland's cyber resilience. 

Our cyber resilience blog provides regular updates on our latest activities, as well as a monthly communications toolkit to support our partners in raising cyber resilience.


We are increasing Scotland’s cyber resilience by:


We work closely with the National Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Board, which provides advice, support and challenge to our work on cyber resilience.

In 2018-2019, a total of £3.5m was allocated by the Scottish Government and by the UK Government (under the UK National Cyber Security Programme) to support our programme of action on cyber resilience.


Email: cyberresilience@gov.scot

Twitter: CyberResScot