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Cyber learning and skills

Scotland's people are our first and strongest line of defence against cyber threats.

The keys to making Scotland a more cyber resilient nation are:

  • learning how to keep people and organisations safe from cyber crime
  • developing the technical skills necessary for cyber security-specific roles

Learning and skills action plan

An ingrained understanding of cyber resilience that starts in school is key to achieving our wider strategic goal of digital participation. This will lead to citizens having greater confidence online.

Working with partners from across all sectors, we have developed a Cyber Resilience Learning and Skills Action Plan. The plan sets out the actions which we and our partners will take from 2018 to 2020 to support the development of cyber resilient behaviours amongst our population, and to build a skilled and growing cyber security profession for Scotland.

We have developed this plan collaboratively with the following key partners:

  • National Cyber Resilience Leaders Board
  • College Development Network
  • Education Scotland
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • SQA
  • Scottish Union Learning
  • YoungScot