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Public Sector in Scotland - Public Sector Pay

Scottish Ministers make the decisions on pay for most public sector staff in Scotland. Specifically, this is done through the Public Sector Pay Policy.

The Scottish Government's Public Sector Pay Policy for 2018-19 is a distinctive pay policy for Scotland - one that continues our focus on fairness, sustainability, value for money and delivers on our Programme for Government commitment to lift the 1 per cent public sector pay cap.

The Public Sector Pay Policy for Staff Pay Remits covers the pay of the Scottish Government's core directorates and its associated departments, agencies, non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs), public corporations and NHS Scotland Senior Managers (Grades A-C only).

The Public Sector Pay Policy for Senior Appointments covers remuneration proposals for Chief Executives (of NDPBs and public corporations); NHS Executives and Senior Managers (Grades D to I only); and the daily fees paid to chairs and members appointed by Scottish Ministers to public bodies.

Where UK pay review bodies operate, Scottish Ministers will make decisions in the light of these pay review bodies' recommendations.

Some public sector pay groups are not governed by the Scottish Government's Public Sector Pay Policies.