Public sector pay: bodies governed by other pay arrangements

A list of public sector organisations governed by pay arrangements separate to our public sector pay policy.

The following bodies are governed by other pay arrangements.

NHS Agenda for Change staff

The NHS Scotland Management Steering Group website provides details of all the relevant contractual and pay arrangements for NHS staff. See latest pay information for NHS Scotland.

Police officers

Scottish Ministers determine the Scottish settlement following consideration by the UK-wide Police Negotiating Board (PNB). See latest pay information for Police Scotland.

Teachers (and associated teaching professions)

Pay is determined by the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) - a tripartite body comprising members from teaching organisations, local authorities and the Scottish Government. See latest pay information for teachers.

Local government

Pay and conditions of local government employees are the responsibility of individual local authorities and COSLA acting as employers. See latest pay information for COSLA.

Fire - uniformed fire officers

At present covered by National Joint Council who negotiate with unions on behalf of the Fire Service across the UK. See latest pay information for uniformed fire officers.

Fire - support staff

Pay and conditions currently mirror Local Government as part of the COSLA deal, however such staff are now all employees of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. For further details, see related link to Fire - Support Staff. See latest pay information for fire support staff.

Senior civil service

Reserved to the UK Government. See latest pay information for senior civil service.


Reserved to the UK Government.

Scottish Parliament

MSPs and Ministers - Scottish settlement - determined under the Scottish Parliament Salaries Scheme. Parliament staff - determined by the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body.



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