Scottish Ministers make the decisions on pay for most public sector staff in Scotland. Their decisions are published in the annual public sector pay policy, which is usually announced as part of the draft Budget.

We published the Public sector pay strategy 2023 to 2024 in March 2023. See our collection of public sector pay documents for earlier versions.


Under the public sector pay policy, we:

  • set the framework for pay for staff in public sector bodies through the pay policy for staff pay remits
  • set the framework for pay of chief executives and the daily fees for public appointments through the pay policy for senior appointments
  • consider and approve pay proposals via the Remuneration Group
  • ensure pay transparency by disclosing the salaries of senior public sector staff


The annual public sector pay policy covers:

  • the pay of the Scottish Government's core directorates and its associated departments, agencies, non-departmental public bodies, public corporations and NHS Scotland senior managers (grades A to C)
  • remuneration proposals for chief executives, NHS executives and senior managers (grades D to I)
  • the daily fees paid to chairs and members appointed by Scottish Ministers to public bodies

Where UK pay review bodies operate, Scottish Ministers will make decisions in the light of these pay review bodies' recommendations.

Some public sector pay groups are not governed by our public sector pay policy. We have published a list of organisations governed by other pay arrangements.

Equality impact assessments

We are committed to ensuring that public sector pay is fair and non-discriminatory. Since financial year 2013 to 2014, we have published a summary Equality Impact Assessment for each year's public sector pay policy:

A severance policy for Scotland

We also have responsibility for severance policy, covering governance arrangements for all settlement agreements and severance schemes. The Severance Policy for Scotland is set out in the Scottish Public Finance Manual. The severance policy has a wider reach than the pay strategy. Please see list of public bodies that Severance Policy applies to.





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