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Infrastructure Investment Board


As part of the programme of work in response to recommendations from Audit Scotland and the Public Audit Committee on major capital projects, an Infrastructure Investment Board (IIB) has been established to take on an executive role in infrastructure governance, working alongside individual portfolio investment boards.

IIB’s vision is to strengthen strategic direction, prioritisation and oversight to ensure coherent advice and aligned delivery of an effective, fiscally sustainable programme which maximises Ministers’ ambition for infrastructure investment. 

Infrastructure in Scotland is funded by user charges, regulatory regimes, private sector, UKG and local authorities as well as Scottish Government.  IIB is concerned with the impact of overall investment on the economy; how best and by whom major and critical infrastructure is financed; as much as that infrastructure directly funded or financed by Scottish Government.

Objectives as set out in the Infrastructure Investment Plan (IIP) are:

  1. delivering sustainable economic growth through increasing competitiveness and tackling inequality;
  2. managing the transition to a more resource efficient, lower carbon economy;
  3. supporting delivery of efficient and high quality public services; and
  4. supporting employment and opportunity across Scotland.

IIB now meets four times annually (in May, August, October and February) and Infrastructure and Investment Division will provide the secretariat (Helen Carter – 0131 244 4996, Helen.Carter@gov.scot).


IIB has senior level, corporate membership of 11 permanent members who are:

  • Alyson Stafford, DG Scottish Exchequer;
  • Liz Ditchburn, DG Economy;
  • Gordon Wales, Chief Financial Officer;
  • Ainslie McLaughlin, Director Procurement and Commercial;
  • Peter Reekie, Chief Executive, Scottish Futures Trust;
  • Lesley Fraser, Director for Housing and Social Justice;
  • Gary Gillespie, Chief Economic Adviser;
  • John McNairney, Chief Planner;
  • Roy Brannen, Chief Executive, Transport Scotland;
  • Rachel Gwyon, Deputy Director, Infrastructure and Investment; and
  • Hugh McKay, SG non-executive director.

Infrastructure Investment Board - Terms of Reference