Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic: benefits, challenges and considerations for future ways of working

To understand in the short-term how employees may respond to a policy, such as working from home, this report draws on a rapid review of relevant literature (from 2020-2022) and responses from an open-ended survey with members of the public in Scotland.

Annex C: Timeline

Date: Policies/Announcements

23 March 2020: PM announces UK wide lockdown

20 April 2020: Guidance published on home learning

29 May 2020: Phase 1 of route map out of lockdown begins

19 June 2020: Phase 2 begins

10 July 2020: Phase 3 begins

19 July 2020: Revised fair work statement published

11 August 2020: Pupils return to school

10 September 2020: Extension of localised restrictions

Christmas Day 2020: Meet up only

5 January 2021: Mainland lockdown in place until mid-February

2 July 2021: Scottish Government publishes COVID-19 office guidance

"In line with good practice, employers should work with their employees to consider hybrid and flexible working models to avoid a wholesale return to offices at this time"

September 2021: Scottish Government urges businesses to allow staff to work from home until mid-January 2022

31 January 2022: Businesses were advised to prepare for a new situation of hybrid working where possible and appropriate.



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