Flu and COVID-19 vaccination programme - autumn/winter 2021-2022: equality impact assessment

An equality impact assessment (EQIA) for the autumn/winter 2021-2022 Flu and COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Impact Monitoring and Mitigation

Have positive or negative impacts been identified for any of the equality groups?

The programme offers vaccination to all adults and some children in Scotland and may be of particular benefit to people who experience one or more protected characteristic. This will be positive for those who take up the offer but may be negative for those who decline. All possible efforts are being made to understand, address and mitigate the reasons for people not taking up a vaccine offer.

Is the policy directly or indirectly discriminatory under the Equality Act 2010?

The prioritisation of age groups for vaccination, according to JCVI guidance is based on vaccinating older age groups first.

If the policy is indirectly discriminatory, how is it justified under the relevant legislation?

Older people are at greater risk of serious illness or mortality from contracting COVID-19 or Flu.

Those most at risk as a result of their age, have been vaccinated first.

If not justified, what mitigating action will be undertaken?


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