Flu and COVID-19 vaccination programme - autumn/winter 2021-2022: equality impact assessment

An equality impact assessment (EQIA) for the autumn/winter 2021-2022 Flu and COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Monitoring and Review

104. Issues relating to inclusion and equalities are discussed at fortnightly meetings of the Vaccine Inclusive Steering Group and regularly reported to the Vaccination Programme Board.

105. This EQIA must be responsive to the many factors which can impact on vaccination policy and hence should be viewed as a living document. It is supported by work which has been taken forward by PHS to publish its refreshed HIIA: An inclusive approach to flu and COVID-19 vaccination service delivery in Scotland,[28] and underpinned by health boards' own EQIAs. Our intention is that this EQIA should be reviewed every six months, or in the event of other significant changes in circumstances.

Annex A Flu Vaccine COVID-19 Vaccine Governance

Annex B Development of this EQIA

Annex C Communications and Informed Consent

Annex D Examples of Health Board Inclusive Activity

Authorisation of EQIA

Declaration: I am satisfied with the equality impact assessment that has been undertaken for the Autumn/Winter Flu & COVID-19 2021-2022 Vaccination Programme and give my authorisation for the results of this assessment to be published on the Scottish Government's website.

Name: Jamie MacDougall
Position: Deputy Director, Vaccine Strategy Division


Email: Vacsbusinesssupport@gov.scot

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