Flu and COVID-19 vaccination programme - autumn/winter 2021-2022: equality impact assessment

An equality impact assessment (EQIA) for the autumn/winter 2021-2022 Flu and COVID-19 vaccination programme.


24. Evidence[3] from the UK indicates that the risk of poorer outcomes from COVID-19 infection increases dramatically with age in both healthy adults and in adults with underlying health conditions. Those over the age of 65 years have by far the highest risk, and the risk increases with age. The JCVI advised that evidence strongly indicated that the single greatest risk of death from COVID-19 is increasing age, and that the risk increases more rapidly with increasing age. Additionally, the JCVI considered frontline health and social care workers who provide care to people who may be at highest risk of severe illness a high priority for initial vaccination. Further details about this are set out in the JCVI's advice on who should be initially prioritised for vaccination[4].


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