Vaping products - tightening rules on advertising and promotion: consultation 2022

Public consultation into additional controls to limit advertising and promotion of vaping products in Scotland.

Who will be affected?

42. The Regulations would affect wholesalers, large and small retailers, advertising and promotion companies, producers of vape products, organisations and businesses who have entered into or could enter into sponsorship agreements and designated officers of local authorities. These proposals will have a direct impact on the 4,912 outlets currently registered to sell both tobacco and vape products and the 1,351 specialist vape retailers on the Register of Tobacco and Nicotine Vapour Product Retailers and would only apply to activities carried out in the course of a business.[29]

43. There will be no impact on non-business information. Non-commercial, unbranded information (such as public health information) on vape products would be permitted. We are not proposing that there should be a display ban or that products should only be made available in standardised packaging. In line with our approach that these products should be used as a smoking cessation aid, we would look to minimise the impact of the proposed Regulations on people who are using vapes as a smoking cessation aid.



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