Vaping products - tightening rules on advertising and promotion: consultation 2022

Public consultation into additional controls to limit advertising and promotion of vaping products in Scotland.

Declaration of direct or indirect links to the tobacco industry

44. The questions being posed by this consultation progress over the following pages. As the Scottish Government is a Party to the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) we have an obligation to protect the development of public health policy from the vested interests of the tobacco industry.[30]

45. To meet this obligation, we ask all respondents to disclose whether they have any direct or indirect links to, or receive funding from, the tobacco industry.

46. Careful consideration will be given to all consultation responses including those from the tobacco industry and from those with links to the tobacco industry. These views will also be included in the published summary of consultation responses.


Please indicate any direct or indirect links to the tobacco industry

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