Vaping products - tightening rules on advertising and promotion: consultation 2022

Public consultation into additional controls to limit advertising and promotion of vaping products in Scotland.

Proposed additional controls

29. We believe that these restrictions do not go far enough to protect young people and non-smokers from influential messaging. Use of vaping devices among young people in particular has increased in recent years despite the existing restrictions set out above. Those restriction do not cover all forms of advertising or promotional activity here in Scotland. Adverts on bus stops, vehicles, billboards, brochures and leaflets, offering free samples and sponsorship are still permitted. Advertising and promotional activities are a powerful and influential tool used by businesses to promote these products to consumers. Advertising and promotional activities expose people to vaping products in many different aspects of life, from standing at the bus stop to watching sports on TV. This gives advertising and promotional activities a very broad reach and they can be very influential.

30. Whilst evidence of the long term health impacts of vape products is still limited, we wish to do what is in our power to protect young people and non-smokers from using these products and from becoming addicted to them. We aim to bring in additional restrictions that will capture those elements of advertising and promotion in Scotland which are not covered by existing legislation to ensure that vapes are seen as a method to stop smoking and not as a lifestyle accessory.

31. We proposed that further Scotland-wide bans should be introduced around:

  • advertising and brand-sharing;
  • free distribution and nominal pricing; and
  • sponsorship.

32. The proposed additional restrictions are discussed throughout this consultation paper.



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