Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting people at higher risk - survey of third sector organisations

This report examines findings from a survey of 530 third sector organisations in Scotland who supported people through the COVID-19 pandemic over March to August 2020.

5. Survey response

The survey was completed by 530 organisations of which 54% self-identified as voluntary organisations, 18% as community organisations, 11% as social enterprises, 6% as intermediary organisations (such as Third Sector Interface organisations) and 12% as other.

The majority of responding organisations (71%) serve only communities within their local authority and this includes 27% whose geographical coverage is at a neighbourhood or community level, 21% who cover an area within the local authority and 23% who cover the whole local authority. 16% operate across more than one local authority, 10% operate across Scotland and 3% operate across the UK.

Organisations from each of the 32 Scottish local authorities responded. Four of the top five responding local authorities are within the top seven local authorities by population (10% respondents were from the Highlands, 9% North Lanarkshire, 9% South Lanarkshire, 8.5% Glasgow), whilst Argyll & Bute was over-represented with 9% of respondents. Annex A sets out responding organisations by local authority.



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